International workshop on verified computations
and related topics

March 7-10, 2009
University of Karlsruhe (TH), Germany
Last modified: 28 January 2009
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Goetz Alefeld
(University of Karlsruhe)
Error Bounds for Complementarity Problems Using Feasible Vectors
(joint work with Z. Wang)
Gianni Arioli
(Politecnico di Milano)
A functional analytic approach to computer assisted proofs

Henning Behnke
(Technical University of Clausthal)
Band-gaps for 3D Photonic Crystals: A Computer-Assisted Approach (Part II)

Malcolm Brown
(Cardiff University)
Eigenvalue enclosures and exclosures for non-self-adjoint problems in hydrodynamics

Andreas Frommer
(University of Wuppertal)
Computing enclosures for the matrix square root

Yasuhide Fukumoto
(Kyushu University)
Linear and weakly nonlinear stability of an elliptic flow from the viewpoint of Hamiltonian spectra

Gerhard Heindl
(University of Wuppertal)
On Verification Problems in Digital Filter Design

Frank Herrlich
(University of Karlsruhe)
Origamis and Dessins d'Enfants
Vu Hoang
(University of Karlsruhe)
Enclosures for Single-Shock Solutions of Burgers' Equation

Masanobu Kaneko
(Kyushu University)

On the "values" of the elliptic modular j-function at real quadratics

Walter Kraemer
(University of Wuppertal)
Solving Large Linear Interval System

Ulrich Kulisch
(University of Karlsruhe)
Practical Interval Arithmetic

Guenter Mayer
(University of Rostock)
The solution sets of some structured matrices

P. Joseph McKenna
(University of Connecticut)
Some conjectures on semilinear elliptic equations: theorems, computations and verification

Kaori Nagatou
(Kyushu University)
Spectral Problem on 3-D Maxwell's Equations

Mitsuhiro T. Nakao
(Kyushu University)
On the numerical verification method of solutions for evolutional equations

Markus Neher
(University of Karlsruhe)
Taylor model methods for the verified integration of ODEs

Arnold Neumaier
(University of Vienna)
Towards optimization-based error bounds for PDEs

Shin'ichi Oishi
(Waseda University)
Some Applications of Verified Numerical Computations and Error Free Transformations

Filomena Pacella
(University of Rome La Sapienza)
Computer assisted proofs for semilinear elliptic equations

Michael Plum
(University of Karlsruhe)
Band-gaps for 3D Photonic Crystals: A Computer-Assisted Approach (Part I)

Andreas Rauh
(University of Rostock)
Applications of Verified DAE Solvers in Engineering
Wolfgang Reichel
(University of Karlsruhe)
A-priori bounds for discretized nonlinear elliptic boundary value problems

Siegfried M. Rump
(Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg)
Error-Free Transformations and ill-conditioned problems

Gabriela Schmithuesen
(University of Karlsruhe)
A side trip of origamis into Outer Space
Setsuo Taniguchi
(Kyushu University)
Eigenvalues in stochastic oscillatory integrals

Masato Wakayama
(Kyushu University)
Arithmetics on non-commutative harmonic oscillators

Yoshitaka Watanabe
(Kyushu University)
A computer-assisted stability proof for the Orr-Sommerfeld problem with Poiseuille flow

Nobito Yamamoto
(University of Electro-Communications)
Verified Computatuion of Closed Orbits of Dynamical Systems

Piotr Zgliczynski
(Jagiellonian University)
Rigorous numerics for dissipative PDEs